1.Poetry / Plays / Stories

2.Songs with gap-fills

3.Songs with subtitles

4.Songs for various practices

1.Poetry / Plays / Stories

poésies sonores - audio poems l'intégrité des poésies

espace littéraire audio - literary audio texts

littératureaudio.com Downloadable audio books various topics and genres

théâtre contemporain - contemporary theatre extraits

Bibliothèque sonore - audio library extraits

Histoires audios pour enfants l'intégrité des histoires

Contes francophones

les fleurs du mal - Beaudelaire

Lafrancebis.com various listening comprehension exercises for intermediate

francais facile this site provides lots of listening exercises for all levels. Choose a heading/topic you wish to practice

Adodoc exercises with videos - quite challenging

//MFL listening exercises// various topics with downloadable wp exercise sheets, including description, shopping, the time, leisure, reservations by phone

Mon JT quotidien news items for GCSE-AS, including some quirky events from around the world under 'insolites'

2.Songs with gap-fills (exercices à trous)

George Brassens http://platea.pntic.mec.es/~cvera/hotpot/brassenscon.htm
Jacques Brel http://sauce.pntic.mec.es/~ede00000/chansonfle.html#chanteur
Edith Piaf http://platea.pntic.mec.es/~cvera/hotpot/vienrose.htm
Francis Cabrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaZIOQP1Qyw
Various exercices with songs to practice grammar, vocabulary, spelling, sounds, etc. various French songs

3.Songs with subtitles (avec sous-titres)

George Brassens Chanson pour l'Auvergnat (english subtitles) L'Auvergnat
Edith Piaf http://fr.langolab.com/video/1213/edith-piaf-non,-je-ne-regrette-rien
Francis Cabrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PvF18rxsLE
Kamini - Marly-Gomont http://www.linternaute.com/video/8469/kamini-marly-gomont/
Kamini - Je suis blanc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48WKqSlcxKI

4.Songs for various practices

Verb 'to be' and various 3rd group verbs sung mp3 downloadable : http://people.southwestern.edu/~prevots/songs/?p=24

Enzo Enzo Phonetic practice of nasal sounds Juste quelqu'un de bien