dog_pulling.JPGSometimes, learning a language is a little like that dog pulling - effort not equal to return ! Loads done during a lesson and then, woosh, it's all evaporated !


This wiki is to enable my students of French and any others who might find some use, to download resources outside of lessons.
(photo taken by me in Toulouse 2005)

You will find the navigation bar to the left in alphabetical order. On the home page, there are some resources or site links which will not fall into a main rubric, yet. If you spot any mistakes in the resources, please let me know. Thank you !

Please feel free to add any comments or resources in 'comment and spare resources page'.

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I have tried to reference as far as possible. Some resources have come from other teachers or from fora and so ownership has not always been easy to assign, though all have been in the public domain. Should anybody spot an omission, please do not hesitate in letting me know - it is not by design.